Bones in Time

This is my contribution to Sue Vincent’s weekly write photo prompt. If you would like to participate or view other’s post here is the link. Photo by Sue Vincent   Greetings Dear Humans, This is Chase, Chase Frond #009, I am so pleased with the response to my earlier communication,   Faraway Galaxies that I thought […]

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The Fugitive Meets Jesus

“The renegade who had it made, retrieved for a bounty, nevermore to go astray, this will be the end today, of a wanted man.” Styx I killed a man and have been on the lam, with crooked body, hunched and bowed, crawling through dark alleys, deprived, alone Running toward love, I want to be home Tired and […]

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First Love

This is my contribution to Sheryl’s daily word prompt. The word for today is Moonlit.  How could I resist? If you would like to participate or view posts the link is: Photo Jordan 2017 “It’s never like the first time,” Sade I was 16 and you were 15, so I robbed the cradle, I caught […]

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