This streaming is in response to Frank’s photo challenge, and the word field. There are so many things that we might take for granted, such as the knowledge and information that we have at our fingertips. It would be unfathomable if seen from a long ago perspective, pre-Christian even. For instance, we believed that the […]

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Comfortable #FOWC

This poem was inspired by Fandango’s word of the day, Comfortable Comfortable I love the word of today, comfortable Although picking it up is like my turn at hot potato Who do I throw it to? Maslow? This external world has placed us all in a position of discomfort, When comfort is a blessing, most […]

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Unknown Consequence

This story is fiction and a departure from my usual style or themes but todays word challenge was intriguing and I thought I would just run with it. I wanted the entire story to have a feel of the unknown. Thank you Fandango for a great word choice! Unknown He sneaks in every night through […]

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Hu’s Embrace

Rewritten as a response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Atop the Stone, standing on the precipice of embracing perfection, fully present, I am aware of my insurrection, “Be still, it is I that am you, in unity we are.” My heart and spirit are broken, “you are perfection.” Yet you speak through me, and […]

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