I am writing this as a response to Sue Vincents Thursday’s Photo Prompt.

I continue to follow the theme of the beloved, and meeting the divine, as my awakening spirit is delighted with this exploration.


My eyes were trying to follow the steps of stone along the steep incline and yet wanting to look to the grey sky beyond the fortress, wondering what adventure may hold, the steps beneath my feet kept holding my attention.

Weary with heaving my heavy body up and up, every step became a greater challenge. Although, my spirit, lighter than my body’s heft, kept alive the glimmer of possibility and compelled me forward.

Curious as to why I kept looking down and not up into the glorious beyond, another’s foot emerged on the step right next to mine.

The foot became two feet wearing leather sandals. As I continued to look down at the nimble feet, the stones began to glisten with dampness from the water laden clouds up high. The composite aggregate of minerals began to permeate my being and nourish me enough to begin to move my eyes ever so slightly upward.

The hem of a white robe lay softly against strong ankles, and further up to see the golden knots in the cord around his belt. The image became the priest from my dreams.

Finally, our eyes met and he took my hand with a gentle smile. At once through a powerful light in his eyes, I understood that I have made it to the narrow gate.

Indeed, he shared that the door has always been open, and the lighter my heart became the more my spiritual mind would understand.

The heaviness you feel my dear, is from years of not knowing, and yet the love you hold in your heart has carried you to a place here on the high cliff to join with me.

I am with you always my dear, and with me, your hand in mine, your heart open, I will walk with you through the narrow gate.

My gait suddenly lighter, I could see the air molecules dance around his beautiful face.

Looking up at the sky beyond, the crystalline molecules that shone like millions of bright stars guided each step forward.

I held on tightly to his strong hands and suddenly through him the gate opened and my spirit soared, the flotsam and jetsam burning up rapidly by the atmosphere, the seeming separation dissolved.

I soared upon a hawk’s wings, higher and higher to accept a kiss from the Sun.

A new dawn, the clouds lifted, the hawk, setting my now strong feet back onto the stone steps. The ground feeling firm beneath me, my awakened spirit ignited and propelled my body onward to explore the vastness and miracle of this lifetime, with matter now infused with the light of the One I Am.

© Jordan July 20, 2018

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