The Beloved

There I was laying in a lush green meadow, enveloped within the leaves of tall grass, wet with moisture from the morning dew… and in willful surrender to the divine…

A lovely man with long dark hair wearing a white Indian Sherwani and sandals, walked up to me….

Hello, he said… I answered in kind…

And may I ask who you are?

His answer rolled off his tongue like a hand gliding over velvet… Your lover …

and at this we both laughed nervously…

Snidely, I asked…from where do you hail…

No where really…he replied

And why would you say, you are my ….

…Because I have been smitten by your sunset orange color…

But you see? I asked…

yet no answer…

Inwardly, I though that “no where” must be far away and he is not the usual sort of man I tend to magnetize. Yet, something in his way made me warm inside, and how could he know my collar?

Eh, hem … But you must be at least twenty years younger than me…I muttered…

It matters to you? If so, tell me to go away…

And would you?

If you say, I would…

What if I am afraid….

He asked of what?

Of you not being you

And what does your heart say?

That it is you

And do you trust your heart?

I do, most powerfully…

And so you ask me to go away?

No I blubbered, no I would want you to stay….

We walked, and talked, and laughed, and now we were both wearing sandals…he took my hand, and then swirled me around to land a big kiss…

My lips locked with what I then realized is eternity, no beginning nor end, he is the beloved

© Jordis July 19, 2018

28 thoughts on “The Beloved

    1. Thank you, dear. I have much more, my favorite subject to write about, but I am nee at blogging and it helps me to know what you like. So thank you 🌷


      1. romance is even my favorite, beautiful! so, i guess we have something common! 🙂
        and you’re great at what you write, but i’ll always love the romance in your words a lil more. that’s just me 🙂
        hope you’re well and smiling!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Bobby. I’ve been working with writing while in a higher state like waking dreaming writing. It has been interesting writing like this, a lot more freedom. Jordis

      Liked by 1 person

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