A question of Self worth.

Lovely thoughts regarding our intrinsic value and self worth.
Very touching.

No Time Like...

A teacher stands in front of a class of high schoolers with a $20 bill, he asks them if they want the money, a chorus of yeses rings around the classroom. He screws it up and throws it on the floor, and asks them again, another resounding round of yeses, some shaking their heads, and thinking what the hell. Then he stomps on the $20 dollar bill and smushes it into the ground, and proceeds to jump up and down on it, somewhat aggressively and with gusto. He then picks it up, and unfolds it carefully, it’s in one piece, a little worse for wear, a bit dirty, and again he asks, and the class erupts into another wave of yeses, with some laughter and puzzled questioning. The class wonder what is next, is he going to tear it, eat it!?

The teacher then begins to unfold his metaphor with…

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