Hu’s Embrace

Rewritten as a response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt.

Atop the Stone, standing on the precipice of embracing perfection, fully present, I am aware of my insurrection,

“Be still, it is I that am you, in unity we are.”

My heart and spirit are broken,

“you are perfection.”

Yet you speak through me, and I feel your breath on my skin,


“The sounds of the spheres move you in an upward direction.”

Your scent a sweet perfume, a bouquet of moss, grass, rain, and wet dirt….

“It is the sweet nectar of perfection.”

It is painful, I feel empty,

“and you are perfection.”

But no-one seems to understand,

“and you are perfection.”

My heart aches, I miss you,

“I am here with you always.”


Hu, your breath, my pulse, rebirth and resurrection.


My heart’s warm,

“We are present as One, in perfection.”


How glorious to be able to finally feel you, and be present in perfection.

My feet are bare; I can feel the small shale pebbles between my toes,

From the standing Stone, up high, and into the water I dive and play with deep affection,

I am tugged by the currents, ah ha that damned insurrection,

A wave rushes in, I surrender to my affliction,

It carry’s me back to shore; body, mind and spirit all recognize the stillness,

“We are one in perfection”

My heart is full, pounding, the rush of it all, the white gold blood pours through me, the waves wash over me,

“I am in you, we are one.”


© Jordan

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