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There are so many things that we might take for granted, such as the knowledge and information that we have at our fingertips. It would be unfathomable if seen from a long ago perspective, pre-Christian even.

For instance, we believed that the Earth was flat. Indeed, many cultures propagated this belief. It was wide spread.

But now we know the Earth is not flat, yet how many of us take that knowledge for granted? What does knowing this offer us?

Well, for one a very different perspective.

Our thoughts are so much more lucid with this knowledge, and it has enabled us to grow and advance at a rapid rate.

However, the advancement seems to be largely scientific or technological. And at times it seems that our societies are actually still living in medieval times. There is such a juxtaposition, between where we are and where we seemingly are.

So what does this all have to do with the word field?

The field is where you are. Not out there in a pasture, well perhaps metaphorically, but rather where your mind set is sitting. Your perspective so to speak.

For instance, not only do we know the Earth is not flat, we also know that the universe is infinite, and we know that no matter where you stand in the universe you are always in the center.

Could this mean that the universe revolves around you? Hardly. Sorry Mr Trump.

But you are within the center of the universe, as an individual experiencing the breadth and depth of everything. With infinite possibilities and with no separation, but held within every molecule and atom, there you are.

And yet, while we may or may not know this intellectually or from our universal mind, this is the field of perception we live in. It is now known to us, a given to us, a gift to us.

Knowing or sensing this now, what will you do with your field of gold?

Shift happens, and we hold the key. Just one turn, may be all it takes to unwind the infinite possibilities available to us, we just have to open the door to our perception.

© Jordan Jordis Fasheh

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