Moments Plurality

This poem was inspired by Fandango’s Word of the Day Challenge Moment Do you ever wonder how small we are? On planet Earth, orbiting a star… Our Sun, without it we are none, As we orbit, moment by moment, in constant motion, Yet our shadows dwarf our souls, With thoughts of the one, yet not […]

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Arranged Marriage

This poem was inspired by Fandango’s Daily Word Challenge. Todays word; Arrangement   A bouquet of flowers, Filled with glory, yet sour, An arrangement made, By a lover, stayed As family tamed, a restless pair, Imploring them to join together, In a dare. © Jordan

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Getting personal

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
This weekend saw the monthly meeting of the Silent Eye in the north of England… a time when we reconnect, share and explore ideas and discuss plans for the four workshops we run every year. Work is already well under way for Lord of the Deep, the April workshop,…

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Newly Born

Golden key upon a locked box, attracts me to that which lies within, Yet my thoughts are garbled, and flooded by those akin, One turn the lid opens, a dove released and stares through my sheltered eyes, stoking the heart’s fire, diminishing the lies Breathing in new life, the baptist arrives, to wash and cleanse […]

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The Tyrant of Uruk…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
*  “The Eternal City of Uruk… See how its ramparts gleam like copper in the sun… Climb the ancient staircases up stone more ancient than mind… Approach the Temple of Eanna… Sacred precinct of the Goddess Ishtar… Her priestesses stand laughing and chatting flushed with joy… Ready to serve…

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