Angels Among Us

It was a cold and rainy January, and had been several months of traveling between Southern and Northern California to visit with my Dad.

My sister Teri had passed suddenly last September, and while it was difficult for all of us, it was horrific for a Father.

Almost every weekend since September I visited him; in support, with care trying to help him get through the initial phase of enormous grief. Are there really “phases,” or just down time when the physiology of our body’s wisdom provides relief within the release of hormonal care.

At any rate, the travel and dealing with my own grief had finally caught up to me. Running late for my flight, not able to find parking, weaving in and out of lots, I heard the voice of love. A calm washed over me for a moment, an internal knowingness of deep divine love and being held.

“Wow,” I thought, “this is what blessings feel like.”

However, the hustle and bustle came through again, and after checking my baggage I somehow unknowingly dropped my Drivers License as I fumbled for my ticket.

I found the ticket then rambled across to the TSA Security Gate. But then no Drivers License; argh frantic searching through my purse, a long queue behind me, the TSA person asking me to step aside, when a lovely voice that sounded like a bird yet belonged to an elderly gentlewoman of at least 90, asked if I had lost something. She was holding up my license, as she was holding her cane, with a bright shiny twinkle in her eye.

She handed it to me, touched my cheek then gave me a kiss and a hug and held my hand. “You will be fine, dear,” she spoke lovingly.

Time stopped for a moment, her eyes looked deeply into mine, with no words just a knowingness. I began to tear up and thanked her profusely, hugging her, I almost couldn’t let go. I wanted to stay with her forever, in that moment of deep deep healing love.

Alas, I went onward through the security line, and looked back at her, thinking she might have turned and on her way. But she stood there watching me as I moved up the escalator.

This time, with clearer eyes, I could see she had an aura of fairy dust and brilliant expansive wings that spread out in pink and magenta ribbons from her heart. We smiled again at each other, she will live in my heart through eternity.

I knew then without a doubt that Angels do walk in our midsts.

© Jordan Jordis Fasheh

6 thoughts on “Angels Among Us

  1. My eyes filled with tears of knowing while reading your post. I felt the hope and I could easily see the woman you encountered. This is one of those affirmative apparitions that come to us in the moment of emptiness. They come to remind us, we know about love. Anyhow I’m still in tears. Excellent Jordis.

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