To Linger or Not to Linger

Thank you Sheryl for your great word choices!

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Picture of two wild turkeys lingering in the road, each one choosing.

What is to linger? Holding on to a fearful drop of sinister brew that you were made to swallow early in life? It lingers in your heart weighing you down for what seems to be days without end.

Or is to linger to let go, telling your ego to take a back seat, to accept a gift from within, a gift of light, to linger in the most gentle arms of love. To be held, supported, to linger with trust.

I believe to linger is a choice, no?

© Jordan Jordis Fasheh

6 thoughts on “To Linger or Not to Linger

  1. Thanks for the shout out! You’re amazing. I’ve been away for a bit fighting a stomach bug. I’m thrilled to see so many participating in the prompts. The wild turkeys around here could care less about people and linger and roam wherever they want.

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