Rapture in the Woods

Ground is wet, solid dirt beneath my feet,

Can smell, can smell, the fungus growing,

Can hear, can hear, the trees speaking,

Can feel, can feel, my body,

Falling in love with you,

Rapture, wings stretching, reaching, touching…

….the edges of the ring,

I am now inside, inside of

Rapture, Gold,

Rapture, Salt,

Rapture, Chemistry, Biology, Eco Systems,

Rapture, Humanity,

I am now inside, inside of the ring, inside with the divine….

Can sense, can sense you coming,

Can feel, can feel you around the corner,

Smooth line, smooth line of penetration,

Now you’re inside, inside of me,

Mouth moves, no words,

Mouth moves, no words,

No more words, no more thoughts,

No more tie me down boundaries,

Rapture, I am in rapture with you,

Wings stretch, rapture, tail rudder turns,

You at my side, as we circle in a spiral dance,

Higher, and higher and higher,

a spiral dance, together,

From Earth, riding on wings to Heaven,

The ring of time, on higher ground,

The ring of eternity….

In rapture, we fall to tumble and roll, grounded,

Once up, once down,

Not to look back, but to look around,

Divine rapture, lost and found.

© Jordan

4 thoughts on “Rapture in the Woods

  1. First off you know I loved the topic, Second I liked the rhythm some of the content I had to stop to let it sink in but, I think that is mostly on me as I have not kept my studies up in Spiritual things at all. I have been solely depending on intuition for 20 years now. But I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks Jordis.

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    1. Thank you, Paul. This is one of my older poems that I wrote while hiking Mt. Diablo back in the day. I was in one of those heightened awareness moments truly enraptured with nature and watching a hawk spiral so high into the sky that it disappeared. You are correct, in that there is not a proper meter, but rather a streaming from deep within my mind’s eye. Jordis xx

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