Count Vlada

Inspired by Sheryl’s daily word prompt

Note: this story is very much outside my comfort zone and frankly it just popped out of no where. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Count Vlada

The night was humid and sticky, as Count Vlada slithered out of his casket.

Refreshed, after a week long spree of leeching from his favorite ladies, he stepped out into the night ready to take flight and cast his net over an even larger terrain.

He discovered that California was very fruitful with plenty of well fed, and bored housewives. Having just moved from Pennsylvania, where the pickings were not as tasty and the weather made his ancient bones ache.

Abominable to the core, the great Vlad, unsuspecting that he was about to be destroyed.

Her name was Talisa, and had been stealthily hunting Vlada for many years.

He had hypnotized her the night he captured her, and kept her locked in a very small room, with handcuffs and chains.

For months, Count Vlada would crawl into her bed each night and suck her blood bringing her very near death, but would stop just in time and then nourish her with his own blood bringing her back to consciousness. Vlada enjoyed this part the most, yet knowing through centuries of experience that eventually she would die. Her body would weaken over time, from constant feeding on his diseased blood and the multiple viruses would eventually overcome her.

When the day finally arrived for Talisa’s demise, he took her out into the field to dispose of her body in the huge burial ground at the end of his property line.

However, unbeknownst to Vlad, Talisa was part faery, from her Mothers side, and as she lay on the fecund earth, hanging on to life by a thread, her faery folk surrounded her and began revitalizing her through their sacred faery blood. They also began performing high alchemical magic to transform her into a baobhan sith, a beautifully seductive vampire faery from their homeland in Scotland.

It took many years for Talisa’s transformation to take hold and many more to completely train to be a boabhan sith. However, so great was her hatred for the abominable Vlad, she trained very hard and became the loveliest and strongest of them all.

Alas, the day came and as the dusk began to set, Talisa stalked her prey and descended right in front of him as he completed casting his net.

Vlad could see immediately that she was an immortal, yet he didn’t recognize her but rather fell hopelessly in love with her.

Weakened by his lust for Talisa, she overwhelmed him with a blunt blow to his chest, reaching through skin and cracked ribs to pull out his heart.

He dropped to the ground and withered as she sliced and dissected the cold organ to eventually dry it out and feed it to the Abominable snowman so it could finally be destroyed.

© Jordan

14 thoughts on “Count Vlada

  1. 😍❣️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❣️ OMG, I Loved this! I felt sad and angry, then felt myself smiling and had an outright laugh. Really great, J!

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