Fields of Gold

#writephoto Inspired by Sue Vincent’s weekly photo prompt


I spoke a call to Easter

rather shouted a prayer

felt caught in a Lion’s den

death near my door, scythe in hand

of all things alone in despair

robbed of all equity and care

my voice travelled beyond the realm

wrapped in an arrow

soaring without end

landing amongst ancients council

alas they heard a song with tentacles

from far beyond the field of white flowers

with hustle and bustle they sent power

in my belly freshness reigned

with sun and wind and rain

from the realms beyond here

in fields of gold

in open air

a voice called out my name

burning, aflame


© Jordan

16 thoughts on “Fields of Gold

    1. Oh bless you, Debbie!❤️ It brings me joy to know that it touched you on a deep level. I always try to dig deep just for that reason, for us that need love. Thank you! 🤗

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