Summer’s Heat

Poetry submission for Kayla Ann’s Summer themed Poetry contest!

Thank you Kayla for hosting this delightful event!

Summer’s Heat

springs verdant green turns into summer gold

a hawk soars with wings that ride the current

atop the mountain dahlia unfold

rattle snakes shelter beneath a stone tent

a path worn by hiker’s beads of moisture

along side a dry creek cutting through oaks

ablaze in the Sun yet one in rapture

birds nest cougar roams the hearts fire is stoked

behold a lone meadow refresh and rest

a picnic basket filled with cheese and grapes

to languish in tall grass Robins abreast

butterflies hummingbirds jays mouths agape

the air still no human sound just buzzing

and chirping as nature flourishes hope

mind quiet laying very still dreaming

with blue sky and awesome glorious scope

enfolding lovers kissing in like kind

playful witnessing each others bodies

rolling on the straw grass fully entwined

frolicking wistfully roaring jolly

canopied trees swaddling the meadow

hours pass lost in reverie aglow

© Jordan

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