Love 💗

This streaming was inspired by Fandango’s word of the day is Love.

John 4:8

8  Whoever does not love has not come to know God, because God is love. 14


No one ever tells you that for some people Love doesn’t exist. If the brain’s perception rules who we are as personalities then for some who have never known love, it really doesn’t exist.

An example would be abandoned children who are trapped within a foster system, no family, and parental neglect. As they develop, if they are unfortunate and have never felt love within the foster system, then they may not know it even exists. Just will likely feel lost and a missing.

But this can be for anyone. Through the separation of birth, Love gets lost. Object subject relations take hold and the link to home is broken. However, there still exists the smallest of seeds buried deep within our hearts.

For all who long to know Love and feel the missing; trust and have faith. Nourish that seed within your heart, give it water through kindness, food through honoring who you are, as everyone is a bright star in this expansive universe. Understand this and you will know Love.

What once was theory for me, through my studies with The Silent Eye A Modern Mystery School, it is now understanding.


© Jordan

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