The Front Porch

This streaming was inspired by Sheryl’s word of the day, Porch.

In my youth, our family moved at least seven times before we settled in a place for eight years when we finally moved to a home that my parents made their last.

However, moving from place to place, state to state, apartment living and so on, not one of our homes had a front porch.

It has always been a longing of mine, perhaps a dream of living comfortably settled within a community. A front porch, inviting, sipping ice tea on a summer day, watching the comings and goings of the neighbors.

My first real experience of what a front porch could be like was when I was invited to a friends parents home in Los Angeles. It was largely a Latino community, and to my delight the entire neighborhood was lounging, picnicking and socializing on their front porches. Actually, they had to extend the perimeter to encompass the lawn with lawn chairs, and baby carriages. The atmosphere filled with expressive joy, yet for some lazy contemplation as they relaxed in the sunshine.

Sadly, the home I live in now does not have a front porch. Somehow this longing morphed into one day maybe when I retire.

Now, I always say to my best friend from high school, Carolyn, having caught up with each other once again after years of growing up and living life, “we’ll visit each other til the end, sitting on the front porch smoking a corn pipe and lounging in a rocking chair.”

Some of life’s dreams are subtle and stay in the background as we traverse and navigate this globe. But perhaps that hope and wish for some day, will culminate in an opportunity to have a special place to sit, write and contemplate for the rest of my days.

© Jordan

14 thoughts on “The Front Porch

  1. Beautiful thought having a front porch. It used to be the centre of family gatherings at my grandparents house. They are now building new houses here with large porches just like they used to be in the older heritage homes….this here where I live.

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    1. Awesome! Good work!! For mine it Southwester style and I haven’t been able to visualize one. I may figure a compatible design or ask an designer.
      I trust you are enjoying your porch!


  2. We have been talking about putting a porch on the front of our house. Our steps are narrow and ugly. Maybe someday we will commit and have one built. I’ve only lived in one house with a porch, and it was nice to sit out front when the neighbors out back were annoying or loud.

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