Solve et Coagula

Solve et Coagula

Endurance persistence prayer

uncover the layers of separation and despair

Solve a process of resolve

to become the real substance, to dissolve

The form of falsehood into the real

inner flame

what’s inside a name

Mercury fluid unfolds

Coagula the Alchemist’s gold

© Jordan

Written in response to Sheryl’s daily word prompt, dissolve. August 16, 2018

6 thoughts on “Solve et Coagula

      1. Thanks 💙 for your blessing. I will try 💛 to be ‘blessable’ throughout the day and share our blessing with 💜 those he puts in our path! Thank 💚 God for his goodness!

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        1. You are are sweet soul Steve. 💗 I think sharing blessings with everyone during our day is a very lovely thing to do⭐️ and will do! And I’ll add to Thank God for his infinite generosity and kindness! ✨💗

          Liked by 1 person

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