Luna – Redux

Inspired by Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt

todays word is Adorable

Last week, I published the first story in a series that I will begin to write about my little fur-baby, Luna.

Although, as I read it now and see how well she has been accepted, I also see that an opportunity was missed for me to share her baby pic from shortly after she was born.

This is the pic that stole my heart….

And this one cinched the deal….

She the most adorable puppy chihuahua ever!!!!

But I do know we all think that of our fur-babies! Aren’t they all?

And of course you must see a pic of Luna’s most favorite thing to do. Sleep!!!

I swear she is part cat, but her Aunty Tania made me take a DNA sample to be sure…. wink, wink, but lo and behold, for being a rescue, she is 100%, Chihuahua!!

More soon on Loonie Tuna with the introduction of her cousins Poppy and Duffy. A story of resilience, their tough beginnings to the lovely beings they are today.

© Jordan Jordis Fasheh

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