Principles of Fire (4) Essence and Reunion

Originally posted on The Silent Eye – A Modern Mystery School by Steve Tanham

The Silent Eye

dscn9048Continued from Part One of this topic

In previous posts, we have seen that how we view and interact with the world is conditioned by how our egoic self has developed; from oneness with Mother in the womb, through birth as an independent entity, to the reactive adult whose life mirrors that of a suit of armour, grown, protectively, over the real and eternally-new Self.

We have referred to that inner being as Child of Light, and indicated that there is a method behind this image. But this is not the use of a psychological technique of regression to childhood. It is a fully conscious method that explores the level of self, but carries the hard-won adult discrimination with us.

This ‘adult’ capability allows us to examine the binding power of those early reactions to the world and see them in a way that acknowledges that they were ‘shocks’ to…

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5 thoughts on “Principles of Fire (4) Essence and Reunion

    1. You are welcome Helene. I am very close with Steven and Sue. And have been studying with them for many years. I can tell you that the principles outlined in Steves words are very real and have been life changing for me. All three directors Steve, Sue and Stu are very approachable if you ever are so inclined. For me, I have been exploring spiritual practices since my teens even being raised as a Roman Catholic, but then I also have a keen interest os Psychology and received my undergraduate degree in Developmental Psychology. But is is very rare to find a parallel track being taught at any mainstream university. One day I traveled to England to participate in a weekend workshop and listen to Steve. Thoroughly captivated, I decided not to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology but rather study with Steve. And believe me, I would make that same decision a thousand times over again. 💗

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      1. This is very beautiful and inspiring sharing Jordan. Seeking and soaking in the Divine is far more beneficial to us who are spiritually inclined. You are lucky to have traveled and met with them. It makes it more personal in your connection am sure.

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