Inspired by Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt, todays word is monochromatic.

This was a fun little research project, deciding to dive into the world of color, I found that while we do see pink, it isn’t on the color spectrum nor is it considered a color! It is actually the same frequency as a radio wave. At any rate, I enjoyed extracting the poem from nowhere.

Imagination blends red, green and blue

a monochromatic pink

as perception’s created hue

mind fills with cones that fire red

not found in the spectrum of light

pink doth only exist in our head

both particle and wave

a mind’s eye’s cast

doorways open with faith

© Jordan

7 thoughts on “Pink

    1. Interesting. I thought monochromatic would be a great word but then gray or black and white just didn’t seem alive in that moment, the pink came in, “yes it will pop!!” Great word Sheryl!! And pink is a great not color. Lol!


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