Sonnet I – (a trial run)

Inspired by Sheryl’s word of the day:


Another wonderful word to follow its thread through time.

Prognosticate latin “pro” forward forth proclaim + greek “gnostos” known esoteric mystical knowledge, combined that which comes from within; foreseen inner knowledge.

According to Merriam Webster, prognosticate was first seen in the written word in the 15th century. It appears in Shakespeare’s Sonnet XIV.

I prognosticate that this will be the first of a series of sonnets that will explore the world of loss and grief.


Sonnet I

mine eyes the stars gaping wounded afloat

shadows cast vast armies of memories

yet ephemeral glimmers passed a mote

almost binding and once stationary

with hands that touch black velvet surface found

your face indelible locked within mind

sun, sea and sky, a fortress tied and bound

mother sleeping with care that wraps and binds

your smile withered a bed of roses strewn

who held the key to your heart thrown away

at once it does burst red gasps forlorn moon

n’er to laugh again who would so say

as I prognosticate your end with care

to call down winds of change and

do so dare

© Jordan Jordis Fasheh

7 thoughts on “Sonnet I – (a trial run)

    1. Thank you, Helene for this beautiful compliment!! I find that if I tap into the truth of what I am trying to say and leave the fear behind the words just come out. It is very healing.

      Jordan 💗

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      1. Your words are filled with light. I had to search to find your stories. There is no indication of them on your site, in the menu….I am finding them now.

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        1. Sorry Helene, somehow when I set up the blog, I did something wrong that messed up the menu. I haven’t had time to figure out how to fix it, but plan on it this weekend when I have a three day vacation!

          And thank you for reading my stories! I enjoy yours as well and will also become more familiar with your blog. We seem to have a similar way of processing experiences. I too was raised Roman Catholic with very strict parents and had to overcome a lot of stuff.

          Do you think it would be fun to write something together one day?



        2. It is not easy setting up these WordPress sites. I manage to get around well. No worries for me Jordan. I had no idea you had all these stories in the background. I am so happy to have found them. Reading you is marvelous. You are a wonderful writer/poet. I have no formal training, just write from my heart. Very inferior to the quality of your writing.

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        3. Oh Helene, your poetry is lovely! The only formal training I had was in Junior College years ago when I took a Creative Writing class six times in a row! The teacher finally said that I needed to round out my academics! And then just all the essays for College.

          I think our writing comes mostlu from our heart, and there is no real formal schooling for that! 🙂

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