Ego and Essence…

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* “Individuality, however we may hug its chains, is a partial and definite modality of being: ‘I’ is defined by what is ‘not-I’, and thus imprisoned.” – A.K. Coomaraswamy. * In philosophy there is a famous dictum relating to thesis, antithesis and synthesis. To synthesise and to decipher symbolism requires…

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Solve et Coagula

Solve et Coagula Endurance persistence prayer uncover the layers of separation and despair Solve a process of resolve to become the real substance, to dissolve The form of falsehood into the real inner flame what’s inside a name Mercury fluid unfolds Coagula the Alchemist’s gold © Jordan Written in response to Sheryl’s daily word prompt, […]

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Luna Meet my little girl, Luna, the sweetest doggie ever! As you might see, she is very contemplative, we sit out in the backyard, and she stays near me as I write, listening to the myriad sounds that my ears cannot hear. Sometimes, she rests her head on the couch and just stares out into […]

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