My Sister, My Heart

Image by Jordan


nightfall descends

with the setting of the Sun

a flashlight in the sky

the moon’s eye full of folly


sisters twin souls

broken wings left stunned

eager to escape locked cages

they ride the trolly


hobo wrap tethered to a whipping cane

a small supply of food

chastised with weight

run run run fast now

to negate the certain tame

one runs the other stumbles and falls

too late


surrounded by sirens

left alone without hope

her legs crumble with fear

Mother rescues

as she calls her a dope

her sister kept running

recoiling as captive with heart sincere


I will return for you my love my life

to recover a spirit unbroken

let one of us be freed from this strife

independence left swollen


Women standing tall

No fear left spirit fulfilled

the Lord will hear your call

a nightmares end is real


© Jordan

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