My Own Backyard

This week’s Dutch Goes the Photo challenge is delightful!! We have been tasked with exploring in our own backyards for inspiration. Love it!!! And the wonderful posts and photos that this community has shared.

If you would like to submit a post here is the link to Frank Jansen’s site.

Frank love the forest in your backyard! You are quite blessed. That is my one day some day wish!!

So here it goes!

I live in Fallbrook, California, a small agricultural town in North County San Diego, about 30 miles inland from the coast. The climate is typically very warm and we’ve been experiencing a long and protracted drought. Most of the plants in my garden are succulents and one may be surprised to see the beautiful flowers that they produce.

I chose to alter the color spectrum to make the photos pop!

Of course, I had to sneak in a picture of my little Luna when she was a puppy hiding from her cousins Poppy and Duffy under the bougainvillea during a game of hide and seek!!

The same bougainvillea in present time. It’s grown!!

And I must add the lovely Orange trees that are actually blocking several other citrus trees; grapefruits , 🍋 , and Key Limes.

And finally the lovely Jasmin that blossoms each year in March and exudes a delicious perfume all the way around the perimeter of my home and down the street!

Thank you for the opportunity to share my home with everyone! I am enjoying sharing all of yours with you!!


25 thoughts on “My Own Backyard

  1. Beautiful photos. I read your profile and although I, myself, do not follow the same path, my own is very eclectic and has been for most of my life. You visited my site so thought to come here. I was born in Southern CA and have been to San Diego many times over the course of my life, although I have lived most of my life in Washington State where I raised my children and now have grandchildren and great grandchildren. Be well.

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    1. Thank you, Renee. My path is a spiritual path and for me all paths lead to where we all are and from a humanistic persepctive. I enjoyed your site, and hope to read more of your lovely posts. Jordan

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