Mom’s America Has Forgotten

A sad but true depiction of the modern day plight of women, from the heart of Kallie at the black wall blog.


Happy Thursday!

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In the last year, something I FEARED was true.

Has PROVED to be true!


That’s right.

WHO are they?

The majority seem to be woman in their 50s.

Educated, smart, witty and funny.

They have raised their children and are now experiencing empty nest syndrome.

In their 20s, 30s and 40s, they kicked ass and beat down the doors so that their daughters could have the same pay as their male co-workers.

Whether it be due to illness, businesses closing or?

They are struggling.

Suddenly, due to their age, they aren’t quick to be employable anymore. (Yup that’s illegal) but still true!

Because, they don’t have children at home nor have a drinking or drug problem…

They are not eligible for few state or federal programs

They can get, possibly…

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One thought on “Mom’s America Has Forgotten

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing it. I’m “lucky” in that my divorce forced me to downsize my lifestyle before I got older, so I’m used to making do with much less. Plus my lovely daughters would help me, if necessary. I would hate to be stuck with a house I could no longer afford and have to rent out rooms to strangers… horrible!

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