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The Silent Eye Workshops – Really? Can awakeing to self and transformation be that fun? Can transformation really occur through play? I can honestly say based on my own experiences that it can. Sharing Sue Vincent’s post on what a “working” weekend is all about.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Tree of Life by Mary Fleeson

Today, all being well, I will be on Holy Island… Lindisfarne… for the last day of the Silent Eye’s autumn workshop. It is a place I love and have been lucky enough to visit many times now… but it can never be enough.

That is one of the joys of these workshops… that we not only get to visit wonderful places ourselves…and spend time researching them too… but that we get to share them with others, exploring the sites and their histories, their legends, myths and folklore… and making them a part of a theme that runs through the weekend. These themes explore spiritual concepts, often in unusual ways, and because we do not stand as teachers in front of our students, but share the journey, listening, looking and learning ourselves, we learn as much as we share.

Beyond the land-based workshops that take…

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