The Stone and the Pilgrim (1)

Sun in Gemini

Late Friday afternoon, 14th September. A group of travellers arrive in Bamburgh, Northumberland. Their intention is to invoke a landscape.

The meeting place is one of the hotels in the village of Bamburgh, but the first destination is that liminal place: the beach – and what a beautiful place it is…

The beach here sits between two worlds, yet is part of both. The huge and dominating presence of Bamburgh Castle to the west, and the pure white line of the sea’s breaking surf to the east. A shaded charcoal sky offsets the bright landscape, giving a perfect light for photography.

Close to the castle, the guide brings the group to a halt. To the north, just visible against the grey of the evening sky, is the rocky outcrop on top of which sits Lindisfarne Castle. The guide points…

“Our weekend will take us from this beach to that traditional…

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3 thoughts on “The Stone and the Pilgrim (1)

    1. Come join us in April! If you are at all interested in the Silent Eye. I’ve posted several articles that you may have read. Open invitation, I go every year and my life is the better for it. Steve, Sue and Stu are lovely and loving people. It is most definitely healing and adventurous!! Best, Jordan

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