Rosarito Beach Resort – Photos

This Is my contribution to Frank Jensen’s 127 Weekly Tuesday “Dutch Goes the Photo,” challenge.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Our World

A few months ago, I shared some photos from a trip to Rosarito, Mexico. Since it is an hour away, we go every few months to shop or just spend time exploring.

However, during this trip, I was prepared with my camera for Frank’s, “our world challenge.”

These are a few pictures of the historic Rosarito Beach Hotel, where we hung out for the day. According to their website, the US News & World Report named Rosarito one of eight top spots for outdoor activities, with the Guadalupe Wine Valley only 37 miles away.

Additionally, Rosarito is home to Baja Studios, where Titanic, Master & Commander, All is Lost and many other blockbuster movies were made.

This Mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe adorns a wall of the hotel near the Spa, the hand painted tiles are lovely.

My favorite pictures are of doorways within doorways, especially lovely here with custom tile work and hand painted murals.

The entryway to the spa. I wanted to capture the cement formed roses that make up the facade.

The Spa, an absolutely gorgeous get away for the day, any day. They have excellent massage and beauty services available.

And for a little levity, I did not understand the sign that read, “Please do not play with the toys.” Lol! They were just so inviting, we had to take a few handmade favorites home with us. (Yes, we purchased them!!)🤗

15 thoughts on “Rosarito Beach Resort – Photos

  1. Magnificent photos of doors within doorways. The cement roses are stunning! The spa looks luxurious, is it expensive? Do the little toys have any symbolic meaning?

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    1. Hi Hélène, the place is so beautiful, I have tons more photos, everything is very colorful, and the handmade tiles are quintessential Mexico. Actually, the spa is very affordable. But not as inexpensive as it may have been twenty years ago. Since Rosarito is only twenty minutes from the border, they do get a lot of visitors so with demand the prices have gone up. A 90 minute pedicure with a foot massage and paraffin wax is $54. In the US at a fancy spa it would be around $90. But I didn’t want to risk having anything done since I just had surgery. Sitting that long would not have been wise. And the body massages are about $90, again in the states they are closer to $150 or $200. But the massage therapist’s are very skilled at the resort, so worth the money.

      As far as the toys, they are all hand made so each one is unique. There were various toy instruments, such as guitars, rattles, drums and flutes. And lot’s of fun puppets, some were Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, which will be October 31, through Nov 2. It is a day each year that honors the dead and the people of Mexico celebrate their ancestors and loved ones honoring their spirits. Very much like our All Souls Day.

      If you ever have the desire to visit, you are always welcome to stay with me and we can go explore!! Jordan💗

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      1. You are fortunate to live close by and to visit
        often. My sister had given toys from there many years ago. A boy and girl, tiny little toys, colourful and they had some meaning.

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    1. Thank you, Willow! It really is a gorgeous spot!

      And yep we paid for the toys but git caught playing with them!🤣🤣🤣 (Kidding), we had fun with the store owner. Now I wish, I took a picture of him. 😩


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