Parasol of Colors

This streaming/prose/poem was inspired by this week’s, “What do you see?,” image presented by Hélène Vaillant for her amazingly lovely weekly challenge.

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This is a sad streaming for me because it speaks to the days of my youth. While the home that I grew up in had loving parents, by the time my teenage years hit, the environment turned into a living hell. It is set in the past, when I freed myself at the ripe old age of 16.

I have let go, all is forgiven, and I usually don’t share as personal moments as this but t’is time to let this fragment go. Especially as I write more and more and know within my heart that there is no one chastising me, nobody holding me back, I am really free now. And as I say that, still a shoe will drop…. but not now, not anymore…

Thank you for this beautiful community of creative artists. Thank you, Hélène for your loving spirit.

Parasol of Colors

I walk away and choose not to look back, the door will always be open by those hoping for my return

while I long for their affection, I know it will never be

some of us choose to live in a place, that is known, even though it is unsafe and lonely, and yet after many years living a bereft existence, through grace the door to my prison swung open

while I long for their affection, I know it will never be

my body is wrapped tight with chronic adrenaline surge, yet I follow the path laid before me, sullen

while I long for their affection, I know it will never be

and one day I look up and not back, and see the Parasol of Colors that is meant for me, a gift from grace, a prism of light, I surrender my pride and say one final goodbye

while I have longed for their affection, I see that it was never meant to be

through grace I escaped the trap of condemnation and am now free to live as spirit, as free as a bird, climbing a stairway to Heaven

Jordan 2018

12 thoughts on “Parasol of Colors

  1. ♥️amazing how some prompts positively contribute to our spiritual purge. You are appreciated Jordan. Stepping fully into your own. Beautiful poem.👍

    Liked by 1 person

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