Faraway Galaxies

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Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

Where I come from, everything is invisible until the mind has need to manifest it.

It is difficult to explain to the human species, but let me give it a try.

I landed on this strand of Island several days ago having been assigned the duty of exploring Earth. It has been eons since our kind has had any interest in the planet but with recent turmoil and apparent utter confusion amongst the humans that pretend to be in charge, a galactic commission has been assembled to investigate.

But allow me to introduce my self; the name is Frond; Chase Frond #009. I was chosen because of my unique abilities to see and my many skills that allow me to sense matter in physical form.

There are not many like me but there are a few and we seem to have been created by the Mother Galaxy to function as bonding agents. In other words, like Loki or Hermes, we have the ability to traverse all worlds; above, below, and within. Really only infinitude knows why separation between the multitude of universes is even necessary.

But back to the matter at hand, Earth. Earth is a unique place and one of the few planets within a number of galaxies that has human beings, flora and fauna. Indeed, one of few where touch and the senses exist.

As I try to explain this in the English language, even language is unique.

In contrast, most beings in the universe are multidimensional as well as multifunctional. The best way to describe this in human terms is fluidity. Like the molecules that make up the world of matter, we can take on any form at any time but most choose not to.

The reason why is we choose to exist on a vibrational level attuned to the quality humans know as love. When beings are bonded in love the feeling is so powerful that there really is no other reason to venture into another form.

Think of it this way, it is like experiencing the best sex ever, with the element of bliss holding the vibration together. As humans, sex is temporary access to this blissful state but once an orgasm occurs maybe even at best multiple orgasms occur, humans have a tendency to fall back asleep. Well, to understand where we exist is to imagine never falling back to sleep.

As humans, your cellular make up doesn’t allow you to hold a continuous charge because of the major separation from the Mother Galaxy.

Right then, allow me to be on this strand of Island again. I chose this location because of the access to all of the various elements on Earth, the ebbing and flowing of the tides, the glorious colors in the sky, the chill in the air, and the feeling of sand between my non existent toes.

Although, even more so, I chose it because of the vast open space that has no humans around. You see most humans are pollutants and toxic to my energy form. I am vulnerable here on this planet but I must maintain my integrity for the job at hand as I collect data to take back home with me.

I really could collect the data from home as well but it would be somewhat distorted. You see the mystery of a vast velvety dark multiverse is it includes the idea of on-going creation. From nothing, new forms are born yet they take awhile to percolate and develop.

In other words, you have to experience creation first hand to be a part of it, to know it, and participate in it’s creation.

But again, back to the task at hand. The data that I am collecting is sensory data.

I am pulling in and sorting through trillions of elements. In my current position here on the strand, I can smell the pollution that has infiltrated the atmosphere, I can hear the sounds of anguish from every corner of the planet, I can taste the blood that flows from murderous hands, I can feel the ecological impact as ecosystems are depleted of resources, ravished, and slowly extinguished. But most of all I feel the cancer that is growing in the brains of those in seemingly powerful positions. And the exact reason why I am here is to report on why the human species seems to continue to make decisions that foster killing energy. Why in the face of this glorious universe, do they continue to be defeatists?

As of now that data seems to be informing me that it is a problem within the brain of humans. Or rather how humans have recently tended to access the resource of the brain. This soft tissue that is made up of neurons and glia seems to be disallowing the mind to function. Focused solely on matter and supposed scientific reasoning with no pathway or access that allows the minds input, the brain is killing itself.

Very unusual and we will have to speculate on this when I return home. But it seems that when matter is bereft of spirit life cannot continue. And the human’s unconscious response to this dilemma is to create artificial intelligence (AI) in an effort to survive.

However, at some point in time, without connectivity with the Mother Galaxy and intergalactic mind, even the AI will perish or implode. Or and we may discuss this during our commission’s meetings, perhaps the Artificial Intelligence might be better than the human if it can be programmed to perpetuate the Earth’s lifeforms and ecosystems.

But who are the brains programming this artificial intelligence now?

I share this information with those who would choose to ponder this dilemma. But for now and after I bask in the impermanent glory of this strand for awhile longer, I bid you farewell.

32 thoughts on “Faraway Galaxies

  1. I am here. I was taking that Lyrica and I ended up almost having an experience with death. Moe later. I survived but, my brain is pretty much mush, for now, I love reading your words as they trigger my imagination and that at this time is great. I will be writing soon and I miss you too.

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  2. Jordis I was engulfed in your story (if indeed it is a story.) I didn’t want it to end but, I knew that higher communication speaks it’s truth and finishes. I could have read this if it were a novel about some guardian race reporting on the current events of destruction within, and innate, to the human experience. Keep writing, my how you have grown in your craft over the last few month’s
    Love, Paul

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    1. Thank you, Paul! To be honest, I wrote itfrom my soul’s perspective, hence the alien to human form. Lol! It is a blend of my love of science fiction, interests in anything related to quarks or similar theories and mostly my spiritual progress. I actually wrote a sequel, “Bones in Time.” It probably isn’t as fresh but sequels never are,

      Where have you been my friend? I miss the budding of your nascent blog.

      With love, Jordis

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    1. Thank you, Diana! We are odd indeed!
      With respect to the brain, I think we access too readily as an organ when there is a mind function beyond it. We have to remember that we are made ip of spirit as well. We’ve forgotten that in this age we’re in and rely too heavily on science.
      Thank you for your thoughts.🤗💗

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  3. You have a beautiful imagination Jordan. You bring out the depth of the soul in your writing. I do also love Sue”s “velvet darkness”.

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    1. Thank you so much Hélène! This is a great compliment from you as well. 💗It is so heartening to know that it has touched you. ❤️

      And yes, when I have some time later I am adding Sue’s velvet darkness.


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  4. “… the brain is killing itself.” “when matter is bereft of spirit life cannot continue..”
    Exactly that, Jordis…and why, when we live on this beautiful and unique haven amongst the vast velevt darkness of the multiverse, should we even contemplate ‘sleeping’?

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    1. Lovely Sue!! I have a very difficult time sleeping, simply due to this reason. My mind is enthralled with the beauty. I may edit and include your “velvet darkness!” I love that phrase!!! 💗🙏


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