First Love

This is my contribution to Sheryl’s daily word prompt. The word for today is Moonlit.  How could I resist?

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Photo Jordan 2017

“It’s never like the first time,” Sade

I was 16 and you were 15, so I robbed the cradle,

I caught your grey piercing eyes, from atop the Archery mound,

You returned the stare in kind, and we found our feet moving toward each other,

Introductions and handshakes, an earthquake rattled my soul,

It was lunch time so we disappeared to a special hiding place, a thicket underneath the bridge,

We sat together on the cool ground, as the slow flowing water from the creek made its way down stream,

We made little talk, but you were the one to hold my chin in your loving hand and kiss my lips,

Soft and sweet, you tasted like honey. We couldn’t close our eyes as our hearts were beating too fast. I remember falling into you. How could we ever stop,

The loud sound of the school bell rang reminding us it was time to go back to class.  We struggled to move but alas we knew it would be best,

That was the beginning of weeks and months doing homework at your house. Your Mother was patient and kind. We wrote songs and poetry together. You were in a band and I would lay on your bed as you practiced the guitar,

But this kissing and petting became difficult to contain.  And we decided to climb up a foothill of the Mountain and found cover next to the water tower. It was one of those nights our parents thought we were studying at the library.

We lay side by side staring into each others eyes, a memory that lives in my heart until today. You softly caressed my body as we kissed, 

You were younger than me but I wasn’t your first. You guided and taught me the pleasures our bodies contained. As your skin glistened in the moonlit expanse of the meadow. 

We lost track of time, nothing else existed in that moment but the two of us who became one flame,

We were so young and came from different worlds and our love didn’t last longer than a few seasons,

I almost wish we didn’t. And now no one compares to you,

But I would never trade having you in that sacred time of our youth; innocent, in open surrender to a moment that was meant to never happen again.


Jordan 2018

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