My little Luna a re-introduction for Dutch goes the Photo Birthday challenge

Dutch goes the Photo 129th challenge and One year Anniversary!

Incredible artists and photography. If you’d like to join in the fun, or view posts, here is the link.

Given that Frank shared his young Cardigan Welsh Corgi pup, Stuff with us, I couldn’t resist sharing my little Luna.

A series of new beginnings occurred in my life three years ago when I moved from Northern California to beautiful sunshiny San Diego. I moved into my new home and starting to make new friends, and while I have my relatives nearby, the town that I live in, Fallbrook, is a small rural community of 36,000 lovely people.

But home alone was a little too lonely so my best friend Carolyn, whom I’ve known since high school, upon visiting me, encouraged me to get a companion.

I’ve never had a pet before, and as a business professional, my early years of establishing credibility meant a lot of long hours and travel. I didn’t think that I had the time to also take care of a pet. I was wrong of course, but at least in my new home and new life, I accepted the challenge. It was the best decision I ever made. My little Luna fur-baby is the best friend any one could have. 

Carolyn, relentless about helping find a buddy, first found her on a rescue website, and after combing through many little pups, I fell in love with Luna at first site. I named her Luna because of her little round white butt, but also because it is a worthy name. 😊 Her foster home name was Minnie, and that just didn’t fit her little self. 


She was born in a Shelter on February 28, 2016, and was one of two in the litter. She was immediately moved to a loving foster home for care until she was adopted.  Even though it was my first time as a pet owner, the shelter accepted my application because I work from home and knew that would be the best of worlds for a new puppy.

While they had her listed as a Puggle, a crossbreed between a Beagle and a Pug, which obviously she was not, I went ahead and obtained a DNA sample so I could have in case of health emergencies, and we learned that she is 100% Chihuahua.

We were lucky that they took a photo of her just a few days after her birth.


Thank you for sharing my little Luna’s birthday story with me.




32 thoughts on “My little Luna a re-introduction for Dutch goes the Photo Birthday challenge

    1. I adopted her from a shelter and funny story, when she was a pup they thought she was a pig and a beagle. But as she grew, I said no way! When I took her to the vet, he said she is a chihuahua, 100%. But I still wasn’t quite sure. So I got a DNA test and indeed she is 100% chihuhua!

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        1. They are a very loyal breed and sweet but barkers! OMG, I’ve trained her to stop quite a bit but sometimes she is relentless. My cousin also has two chihuahua’s and you could probably imagine what the three of them sound like stuck in a car when we go on trips. But she is my girl, so I am patient but that is the only downside.

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        2. Awww, my Molly has a touch of chihuahua and barks a lot too. I try to hush her but it doesn’t work. She is poorly trained as she was my first dog and I had a two year old plus three more. But, the loving kisses are the best. I bet it’s quite exciting going on road trips! And interesting for sure! 🤗😀

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    1. I don’t think it is yoi training, even the trainer said it was breed specific.

      And yes those roadtrips are fun, when we are stopped at a light, they go crazy. We really think they want to go out snd play with everyone! Lol! The pleasure they bring.

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      1. Awwww thanks, I thought it was me, lol!! But maltepoo with chihuahua is a very high energy mix. I bet you have stories😆😆…….thank you for sharing Luna today… was fun seeing your fur baby. 🤗


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