The Fugitive Meets Jesus

“The renegade who had it made, retrieved for a bounty, nevermore to go astray, this will be the end today, of a wanted man.” Styx

I killed a man and have been on the lam, with crooked body, hunched and bowed, crawling through dark alleys, deprived, alone

Running toward love, I want to be home

Tired and weary, Sheriff closing in, a lifetime running, surrender ready, stark memories of slaying him stay with me, yet his love, stunning

Running toward love, I want to be home

Tripped and fell as I gunned him down, his image before me, a crown of thorns, blood flowing on the ground yet through my veins, still he reaches out to me in my dreams

Running toward love, I want to be home

Until today, when mercy visited, bringing a mirror before me to see, his heart holds my image, he clasps my hands, and says, “you are forgiven,”  holding me, I cry, heaving waves, all that I have been, resolved in his eternal love 

Standing before love, I am home

Accepted in his fold, torn asunder, he assembles the pieces of my heart once more, with spirit, the fire that blazes in my heart, your heart

To be born again and again and again in your image. The mirror of the fugitive is Jesus. The mirror of his life in mine.

Standing in love, I am home

Jordan 2018

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