The Sentinels

This is my contribution to Hélène Vaillant’s weekly “What do you see?” Challenge.

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Peaceful warriors

from ancient days

A time long ago

before the yellow-hided man came

to slaughter

with their dis-ease, plagues

and weapons

millions perished

Few remain

chosen by Gitchee Manitou,

the Great Spirit,

They are Sentinels

whose spirits forever guard

Michabo’s coming and going

Peaceful warriors

who remain as watchers

awaiting the day

when the yellow-hide

attempts to destroy the earth

They Guard the gates to spirit

and in time

will provide safe passage

for all believers of Nokomis,

Earth Goddess and daughter of the


The Sentinels, ever proud

standing tall

look out toward

the horizon

awaiting their call

© Jordan Fasheh

*reference to Nokomis from Cummins, J, (Algonquin Beliefs in Spirit and Nature), 2018

19 thoughts on “The Sentinels

  1. The word Sentinels is a perfect choice leading into your poem. I felt I had travelled through time while reading this. I especially loved how you integrate the Great Spirit of the Algonquins. Such a delightful poem Jordan. Thank you 😊.

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    1. Thank you, Hélène! I learned a lot about the Alongquin people and their history. I love anything to do with the native indigenous people. Wonderful photo choice and thanks for sharing their history in Ottowa!

      Liked by 1 person

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