Rambling Vulnerable

This was inspired by Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt. Todays word is Acquiesce. To participate or view other posts here is the link

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It is such a pretty word
Is it a verb?

What does it mean exactly?

You asked me for my hand
Would I have to give you any more?

Do trees acquiesce?
Or is it a person thing?

Such a lovely word
rolling off the tongue
like pearls
from a broken string

Alone for so long
I use my two hands
not sure what it would be like
to lose one

And you are such a lovely man
What would you do with my hand?

Would you give me yours?

They say to acquiesce
is to be at rest,

Yet acquiescence,
seems like a concession
or rather a procession,
a dirge possibly,
for your supplication

I want to flee not rest
In fear of freedom

Yet you say you love me
and my hand is twitching

Your eyes roll
to the back of your head
you would rather bed me instead
of standing here
listening to these words
insane you say

But you see,
I’ve been alone for so long
I wouldn’t know what to do
with four hands

To acquiesce brings me fear
to be vulnerable at your feet
Can I trust you, my sweet?

Visibly shaken,
you take my hand in yours
have I ever let you down?
you ask softly,
with tears in your eyes

Your heart beating fast
through my arm,
landing in my heart,
you continue

What of the times we laid on the grass
for hours watching the clouds?

Or when we built the greenhouse
to nurture vanilla orchids
so we could bake cakes

What of our walks
and talks
and ruckus laughter
rocking our souls?

What of us?
Would you not acquiesce for us?

11 thoughts on “Rambling Vulnerable

  1. All words contain some mystical magic. And the muse takes our hands and guides our writing…

    Commitment, I think is not quiet the same as acquiesce…those loose pearls gathered to be strung, perhaps in a union for two?

    There is a sad romance here, perhaps with hope just waiting to be discovered.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jule. It seemed that commitment has been blocked by surrender. I am working through these things but the romance came from no where. A not yet but maybe I can derail the sorrowful when it does happen.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. It wasn’t my conscious intent to write an Epistle letter. Typically if I don’t follow a form the writing is coming through conscious dreaming or my stream of consciousness. This one was that, just sensing where I wanted to go with it. It all started with the word acquiesce. I do really like that word but wanted to explore what it meant to me and this came through. Seem I have some work to do! Lol!


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