Strange Goings On In The Shed

photo-1498474262072-81debb925480 Toa Heftiba at Unsplash

I had an odd thought today, one of many over the years dear readers! Our new resident in the Shed has been sparking speculation and intrigue since taking up lodgings. We’ve wondered about his origins, and mulled over the man’s lineage at great length.

What does this woman do to satisfy her curiosity? She goes looking for a name, a Sumerian name. Is he human or a god?  My eyes settled on a name of a deity of vegetation and the underworld. It seems I’m fated to never stray far from infernal deities…

“I heard that!” a voice shouts from one corner of the Shed. It seems His Nibs is affronted by my remark. Or so he likes to pretend.

Where was I? A name. So, the scene is set for an unfolding and opening of doors. It seems our resident is indicating (in not very subtle…

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