Great Great Grandmother

This is my contribution to Hélène Vaillant’s weekly, “What do you see?,” challenge.

If you would like to participate or read other’s posts, here is the link: Great Great Grandmother of the Earth is a beacon of light who patiently waits by the hearth for the children to call upon her. Times are changing and the ways of old are lost. Even though she lives on the other side of the veil, she sees all, but can only be seen by those who seek for answers to humanities downfall.

Mothers who pray for ancient remedies are visited by the Great Great Grandmother. She has many names but answers only to prayers from the heart. She stokes the fire of knowledge, and sends her wisdom through the ethers to land upon listening ears.

“Embrace the children,” she sings. “Bring them into your arms and near to the hearth fire every night. Teach them how to listen to their inner child’s voice, their soul-child. No longer let them drown their senses in those black empty vacuums you call televisions and computers.”

She continues with a deep rhythmic voice, “the Mother’s heart holds the key to the child’s soul path. You must hold, love, and nurture their souls and show them how to find their inner light.”

Mothers who hear ask Great Great Grandmother, “But what of today? What of schooling and technology and culture? How will they survive in this world if they do not know how to use computers? And what of us, we work in the day and are tired come nightfall. The television and computers occupy them while we cook dinner and rest our weary feet.”

Great Great Grandmother answers in a sonorous and booming voice full of power, “My dear Mothers, you have become what your Mother’s taught you as they toiled throughout their day. Reach into your heart’s fire and begin to stoke the embers of remembrance. Nourish your own soul-child by holding your children near. To spare a half an hour by the warmth of the hearth is to rest and reenergize. Your children will awaken to their hearts desires through your bosom. Do not forsake your children because of your fears. They will learn what is required of them. Embrace them and you will see how the energy and flow of life brings you abundance.”

Great Great Grandmother retreats behind the veil but before she goes she asks, “Life flows through nurture, it dies with abandonment. What will you choose?”

© Jordan 2018

12 thoughts on “Great Great Grandmother

  1. I do Choose nurture! A precious message from Great Great Grandmother’s wisdom. Every mother who listens with their heart will understand this sage teaching. What will they choose? Thanks you Jordan for this perfect reflection.♥️

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