California Earthquakes

This is my contribution to Sue Vincent’s weekly, #write photo prompt.

Living in California comes with its dangers, as most places do. But I wanted to point out the stark madness of politics and business lobbyists. The continuous draining of California’s precious Aquifer’s is one cause of earthquakes as depleting water below tolerable levels causes the earth’s crust to lift further causing small earthquakes that can one day lead to a major quake.

Photo by Sue Vincent

Breaking News – Early Morning ROC News

Three high magnitude earthquakes occurred just moments ago in Fresno, major destruction reported, at least twenty dead, emergency responders are assessing damage. Several years of drought, and commercial agriculture draining of the aquifers, have severely depleted the water levels causing a series of high magnitude earthquakes in California’s Central Valley, scientists claim……

Katie woke up and turned on the TV and started a fresh pot of coffee, rubbing her eyes she walked over to turn up the volume, surprised to hear the breaking news…

All of a sudden her home began to sway back and forth. Fearful, she tried to run and wake the kids, yet unable to move as the rocking became stronger, she lost her balance and fell on her knees. The foundation shattered and collapsed with the huge magnitude of force deployed from seismic waves deep within the earth. The walls came crashing down, she was pummeled by glass chards and debris.

Hours later, her husband, Carl, a local police officer, had already left for work. He was driving when one of the earthquakes occurred and the rumbling caused his car to veer off the road and run right into a fallen tree. His injuries were minor, but he had lost consciousness for a short while.

His partner Ralph found his car moments after being dispatched, and found Carl folded over the steering wheel. However, Carl came to just as Ralph touched his shoulder. Carl looked up at Ralph, and saw the despairing look in his eyes. Ralph tried to assess Carl’s injuries, but Carl stopped him and with slight trepidation and hoarse voice asked, “Hey buddy, what’s wrong?”

Ralph hesitated, and holding back tears said, “It’s Katie and the kids…..” Carl let out a huge bellow and began sobbing….

He could not let go, with nothing left, just the shirt on his back, he left to wonder the open valley.

Flash Fiction Jordis Fasheh 2018

16 thoughts on “California Earthquakes

  1. Beautiful story Jordis. Makes us stop and think, not only there in California but everywhere now, catastrophes are happening and continue to happen. The ending of your story though sad is believable.

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    1. Thank you, Helene! Yes, catastrophes are increasing in severity, everywhere. Partly, the effects of climatechange, party the global population and partly the over development of urban areas and regions with highly sensitive ecosystems. In can be overwhelming!

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