The Sun

I wrote this poem for Steve Tanham, Founder of The Silent Eye and Director of Teaching.

Photo courtesy Pixabay

Once someone chooses to study with The Silent Eye they begin working directly with a supervisor who provides them with monthly study materials and reviews weekly journals they submit in response to what they observed or learned from the lessons.

Steve is my Supervisor, and teacher. I began studying with him in 2013. And one could say that I am probably one of the slowest learners as each of the three lessons is geared as an annual goal. I guess we all learn at our own speed and in God’s time.

I wrote this poem for Steve because of how amazing and gentle he has been as my teacher. From the depths of my despair, he reached in and offered me his hands to hold as I pulled myself up. I tried to let go but Steve held on as tight as he could. I fell and he picked me up. And I finally turned the proverbial corner and now he walks with me as I continue to grow.

From my heart with deep gratitude, and love.

The Sun

Horus’ eye

Seer of deep within

unlocking doors of old

ancient wisdom

calling the soul to unfold

His Falcon’s spiral dance

arches descending

lifting ascending

swaddles the infant’s core

the child born again

to know once more

His heart filled with love

to know beyond a doubt

recognizing the rage

to him a mere cage

He teaches you how

to climb out of the past

and be in the now

He welcomes the Sun

as he listens to the song of Ra

from the house of two horizons

he shares with you his true Ba

The salt of the earth

as fluid as mercury

with deep mirth

he says, join us, truly

With love to all The Silent Eye Directors; including Sue Vincent, Director of Supervision, and Stuart France, Director of Research. All three of you glow with love and your essence of gold.

Jordis xx

16 thoughts on “The Sun

      1. This one is particular to the person it was written for and has some mythology in the mix. There might be others you may resonate with. But I have to admit my poetry is odd. Thank you! 🤗


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