Fur-Baby Comforts

This is my contribution to Frank Jansen’s, Dutch goes the Photo challenge.

This weeks theme is comfort, yes warm and fuzzy comfort!!

Well, y’all must know by now that I can’t resist sharing pics of Luna. She surrounds herself with comfort!

Chihuahua’s easily get cold

Here Luna and her cousin Duffy are sleeping in but Duffy is hogging the blankets

Luna loves her blue squeaky toy! She has had him since a pup! Dogs don’t see color as humans do. But they see hues of blue, yellow, brown snd gray. I’ve noticed that she responds better to toys that have colors in her visual spectrum.

And of course another precious baby pic with her brother and birth Mom! 🙃

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics of Luna’s comfy time!!

20 thoughts on “Fur-Baby Comforts

        1. It is incredible how untidy they can be. Ani is bad enough being black and long haired… but it’s the toys nbox and the cushions… as bad as having children around again 😉 Though at least, she does ‘clean up’ when you ask her to. Unfortunately, that only goes as far as putting her tennis balls in her plant pot 😉

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