A Mother’s Tears

This is my contribution to Hélène Vaillant’s “what so you see challenge?”

November 11, 2018

Painting by Dean Powell, Glenlivet, Scotland. “Oil painting I did to mark 100 years since the end of WW1…and to remember all those that fell in the Glenlivet and Tomintoul area….🌺

Lafayette, California. A hillside across from a major freeway holds 3,000 crosses representing fallen soldiers from the Afghanistan and Gulf Wars. Population of Lafayette is 28,000. The community has secured permission to erect a permanent memorial on the hillside.

The family who owns the property, are descendants of Louise Clark, widow of Johnson Clark. Johnson Clark was a local developer and World War II veteran. The monument was erected in late 2006 by Jeffrey Heaton, a long-time anti-war protestor, and Louise Clark. (Wiki).

Lafayette is near my home town, I recall when the crosses were first erected. There were only a handful those first few months.

A few miles away is the Cemetery where both my Mother and Sister are buried. Queen of Heaven. There is a grave of a fallen soldier one row up from my Mother’s grave. He was buried the same month.

I offer a poem for his Mother in remembrance of all fallen soldiers.

A Mother’s Tears

One gravesite of a 21 year old man

who died in 2009

during the Gulf War

His body lay in repose

beneath layers of dirt

hiding broken bones

some missing limbs


He was only 21

His Mother leaves letters

on his gravestone,

one day she left a teddy bear

covered with daisies

and a pocket full of posies

the following year,

she left a pair of,

wedding rings,

they were gone the next day

Another day,

a toy armored tank,

with more letters

It has been almost ten years

that I pass by his grave,

hoping to see his mother,

hoping to pray with her

Broken hearts

sometimes don’t mend

Inconsolable pain

In every grain of sand,

a star, his soul

Maybe he does read her letters

and what she leaves,

is a conversation,

they are having

There is no separation,

between life and death,

Only a veil,

that a mother can pierce,

In Light and Love,

to remember the fallen soldiers,

who gave their lives selflessly,

On this day and every day,

that she spends by his side.

28 thoughts on “A Mother’s Tears

  1. Beautiful Jordis. What more than a mothers loss to explain the conditions around the world today. I too read this first today, and am the better for it. I am on my way to a memorial of a dear friend today. He to reminds me of the idea of sacrifice for freedom. Oh’ and I also think you should leave a letter for the Soldiers mother to read containing the poem above. PaulMTL

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  2. This is the first post I read today Jordy. I am so happy I did as you commemorate this day and compassion for the mother of this fallen soldier. Thank you for these beautiful words. Like Christine, I do think the mother would appreciate a letter left on her son’s grave that would be from you, the exact post you have written here.

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