Breaking Dawn

This is my contribution to Sue Vincent’s #write photo prompt shadows

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent

Breaking Dawn – Sacred Mystery Theatre

Day is falling and shadows cast down their eyes upon the stage. We look out toward the four pillars awaiting the perfect time to leave this hollow man-made cave.

Our clan has long embraced the sacred mysteries and come with plenty. Cornucopia vessels full of bread, grapes and wine.

Time, surreptitious, we steal our way across the field to dance in the moonlight throughout the night. Crackling energy fills the air to create the edges of a glorious dawn. Orange threads of silk. Ribbons that play as our bodies sway, weaving around a circled cross with no circumference.

Magi prepare to dismantle the prison bars that encase the great font. They wait until the energies of the mysterious dance expand and yield an entrance beyond the material realm.

As the moon once again yields to her lover, a sheer veil descends. All falls quiet. The sound of dance is suspended, and the Magi step forward.

There are four to call the quarters as they file to the center of each pillar. First in the North to welcome East, then South, then West.

Scents of frankincense and myrrh begin to waft in the air, spirit has descended. The veil is lifted.

From within the baptismal font a sacred chalice emerges, releasing flowing waters onto the platform, dissolving the bars.

All enter and welcome dissolution. Dawn breaks, a revolution in time, to begin again, eternal…

22 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn

        1. Oh goodness! It looks like it could be from Norman times.

          As far as magic. I would guess Hellenic. The Sanctuary and columns feel Greek.

          Hmmm, ritual theater?




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