NaNoWriMo – Promise Update

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Eh hem, cough, cough… It has been a little more than two weeks since I made the NaNoWriMo Promise to write a novel. While, I have made definite strides, the word count stands at 10,000.

Several thousand short of the 1,700 words per day. Whah! Chagrin! Pow! Pop!

Ok I will stop beating myself up!

However, not all is lost! As it becomes more solid of a concept, the plot and characters are emerging. There are two protagonists. One from Earth and the other…. you may have guessed is from the outer reaches of a distant galaxy.. the alien I have grown to love, Chase Frond.

With a genre like Sci Fi and the stuff that is coming through creative channels, I had to buckle down and do research.

And boy have I been doing a prodigious amount. Let’s see, I’ve read through two books on particle physics and currently engrossed in a book on Time. That is Cosmic Time with a big T.

I seem to have taken on a bit more than I can fit into one month. But it is worth it! Never before have I been passionate about writing a novel length story. Every idea quickly fizzled out with no passion on my end.

Alas, the creative process is one that yields in its own time. And the big Aha! moment was realizing that my ego has surrendered enough of the useless chatter to give way to something greater than itself. Me thinks traveling in and out of time with an alien as a best friend is worthy.

I am now working on building out Chase’s character and creating the galaxy from where he hails.

Once that is grounded, I’ll move to the human, Janice. She has already appeared in my story Rainbows of Light and I have a fairly good idea of how her character will develop.

The good news is there is a love story!!

Woohoo buckaroo!!!

Now I shall leave your imaginations to venture into what the love story is ultimately about.

More shall be revealed…..

11 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Promise Update

    1. Awesome, Paula!!!! 🤩
      I think that I can get to 25,000, which is good for me. Thoughts are coming faster than I can write them down and a lot of editing and fact checking. Onward!🔥

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