Thanksgiving – Thank you and a Haiku

For all my loving WordPress friends, including all who follow me and I follow, thank you from my heart for the gifts you are.

Words, stories, prose, songs, photos and poems you create jump off every page through kaleidoscope prisms of light. Thoughtful prompts and words of the day, firing synapses that cross oceans and continents.

From carefully constructed stories to novels, elaborate prose, photography, travel journals, and poetry. Every piece a symphony, full of emotion, fabulous new worlds, and imagery. Your creativity is beyond compare.

Thank you on this and every day for your shining light. Thank you for the smiles you put on my face, the heart felt sorrows that melt my walls, the belly deep laughs that make my day and tears, oh the tears, of joy and sadness and tumultuous ocean waves of emotion that leave me changed.

I offer a rose from my garden this morning, followed by a haiku for you.

Moments of beauty

replicating gratitude

deepening in you

With love, Jordy

29 thoughts on “Thanksgiving – Thank you and a Haiku

  1. I am grateful for you Jordy. You have touched me with your friendship and caring heart. Happy Thanksgiving to you. The rose is perfect, such beauty.

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