Dutch goes the Photo – Contact Theme Challenge

Engaging theme this week for Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo . Pictures are to represent a form of contact.

I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to use some photos of what to me capture the sacredness of Rocks in nature. Whether formed by the Earth’s evolution, or as in Stonehenge, “with a wee bit of help by man.” 😊

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

A series of pictures from a few of my past visits to the monument. As a visitor, you can’t get very close to the monument. However, The English Heritage organization has a wonderful video tour.

Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

This series of photos are from a recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park. A place I know and love, only 100 miles from home.

Amazing stone structures, that evolved through Earth’s cataclysmic events over a gazillion years. I could hardly do the geology of Joshua Tree’s boulders justice. However, this link to James Kaiser’s prosaic description is outstanding.

Here I am in the middle of gargantuan boulders. “All roads lead to where you are.”, U2

11 thoughts on “Dutch goes the Photo – Contact Theme Challenge

  1. All nature is just fascinating to me.
    I was watching a show last eve about a possible Atlantis type city in Japan. But the host of the show believe the rock formations were more natural. Even though some split to look like steps and others at right angles that one could think were man made.

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