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The Light Behind the Story   A companion site of the Warriors of Light metaphysical fantasy series. 

I am pleased to announce the release of, a companion site for the Warriors of Light metaphysical fantasy series I am writing. Those of you who have read book one, The Labyrinth, will recognize the characters Dell, Shesha, Sula, Lupe, Aponi and Ari, as well as a guest appearance from my personal favorite, Grandmother Crow, on the pages of the site.

Written from the character’s perspectives, the website offers a page for each of their focused teachings:


At “Intuition with Aponi,” visitors will discover the wisdom of the inner voice, and how it is always there, waiting to be heard.

Shesha takes readers on a journey through the chakras at “Shesha’s Energy Tips,” offering tips and exercises to liveShesha_Sketch a balanced, grounded, and connected life

GrandmotherCrow_FinalShadedGrandmother Crow makes a guest appearance…

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