Dodged a Planetary Bullet

This is my contribution to Hélène Vaillant’s “What do you see?” challenge.

The pillow and sheets were drenched with sweat. Janice bolted up from a fretful dream. The two planets were about to collide and her son was the reason why.

Janice ran to his room but Lucien was gone. She looked out the window and saw him running with glee toward the planets! She shouted out to him in panic and right away he popped back into his room being agile at moving in and out of space.

Yet there he was in all is glory, standing at the window with Janice, clapping at his magnificent and almost successful endeavor.

“What have you done, Lucien?”, Janice asked with a shaken voice.

“I set them to crash, Mom! Isn’t it exciting?”, Lucien exclaimed.

“Dear child! How many times have I told you not to use your powers in our home Galaxy. Indeed, you shouldn’t use them on the planets at all!! Where is you father?”, Janice shouted and ran to look for Chase.

She forgets that Chase is always with her energetically and runs to find him in human form. She didn’t have to go very far as he stood at the bedroom door, amused at the prospect of a near planetary collision.

“Chase, why are you standing there laughing? Our son is turning out to be maniacal! We should have known that a child of a human and alien would hardly be anything close to normal!”, Janice said to Chase with a raised voice.

“Relax my dear, he is working on his inner motor skills. You are just seeing his thoughts, but the planets are not actually colliding. He doesn’t have the power to send planets on a collision course!”, Chase chuckled and reached to hold Janice.

She stood there perplexed thinking of how in the world her son’s thoughts could look so real!

11 thoughts on “Dodged a Planetary Bullet

  1. You have done it again Jordy. You wrote the most magnificent story, it brought me right into the story all the way through. You sure know how to keep a reader captive👍❤. I am sure this photo is something that appeals to your alien character.

    Liked by 1 person

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