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I am proposing to add a new word to the English language…

The new word is ‘Tesseracting’; and I want to use it to replace a beautiful word that, in my opinion, has been degraded to a point where its use is compromised – that older word is ‘Ritual’.

My interest in the tesseract began as a result of the work of Stuart France (one of the three directors of the Silent Eye, along with Sue Vincent and myself). Stuart had been working on the spiritual implications of a particular geometric figure, known as the tesseract. The period of his study was one where he had been ill and that had produced a vivid dream in which this geometric figure revealed its relationship to the enneagram – the primary teaching figure we use in the School.

SE Teaching Enneagram Mat Master2AA The Silent Eye’s teaching enneagram

Stuart’s insight, some of which was published on his blog, showed that…

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20 thoughts on “Tesseracting

      1. Thank you, Hélène. It is part of the lessons of the Silent Eye. If you are interested just follow either the Silent Eye blog of Stuarts blog. Fun times!


    1. That’s interesting about John Lennon. I do believe that dreams have messages for us. I studied dream analysis and have done dream readings for others for many years. It is amazing how dreams teach us all the time. (even if you replied to the wrong post this all made sense to me too, like it did to Jordy as well) Now back to Tesseracting.

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      1. Thank you, Hélène for explaining. I should have known that you do dream analysis. You are so well rounded, especially in spiritual dimensions.
        My dreams have been off the charts lately. Will start writing poetry if I can make sense of them. ❤️

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      2. I don’t believe in mistakes like replying to the wrong post. You know what l mean. Many times if I have a delima or decision to make, as soon as I wake up the answer is there. I’m spiritual and have experienced some unusual phenomena. I know there’s something after the body dies. I’ve seen and heard it.

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