Inside Out – Quatrain

Inside Out – Quatrain Rose petals languish and fall from above Softness interwoven with brutish might losing momentum, cast away, unloved How one tears away from a barren plight Their essence pummels through senses intact Permeate to reach deep within your core Churning, burning, subtly filling gaps Stones collapse, into piles of rubble ore Inside […]

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Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
I am proposing to add a new word to the English language… The new word is ‘Tesseracting’; and I want to use it to replace a beautiful word that, in my opinion, has been degraded to a point where its use is compromised – that older word is ‘Ritual’. My…

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I have been doing a lot of dreaming and the poems are shaping themselves. Movement on the inners. Photo courtesy of Pixabay Craggy cliffs how high we’ll go to find a cave the ancients bore leaving gemstones like hearts in cruciform the way home clay beds shake shifting sands I lay supine yet awake the […]

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Soul Burn

Photo courtesy of Pixabay not too far off in the distance but enough to see an other world salamander land between the trees thoughts of you cram my mind his flame spreads to cross time I burn You tilt into a dance with the wind a fiery flickering spark as you lash out with your […]

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A rose from my garden Thank you everyone! I started Jordy’s Streamings July 15, 2018! I am having a blast with the blogosphere. Reading everyone’s posts; poetry, stories, books, songs and photography. And making new friends from around the globe is the best!! Love you all! A shout out and thank you to everyone who […]

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Dodged a Planetary Bullet

This is my contribution to Hélène Vaillant’s “What do you see?” challenge. The pillow and sheets were drenched with sweat. Janice bolted up from a fretful dream. The two planets were about to collide and her son was the reason why. Janice ran to his room but Lucien was gone. She looked out the window […]

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Rose Spirals – a photo essay

This is my contribution to Frank Jansen’s “Dutch goes the Photo,” challenge. The theme for this week is tranquil, which is perfect for this time of year. I spent this past Sunday taking pictures of the roses in my garden and editing them for a book of poetry that I am working on. A rose […]

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In Between Worlds (Part Two)

This is my contribution to “What do you see?”, challenge. This is the second installment to my story In Between Worlds I posted on last week’s challenge. Photo courtesy of Hélène Vaillant. It has been a few days since Malcom was catapulted from the golden orb. He had been in a confused state ever since […]

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