Sneaky the Cat

Another fun prompt from Hélène Vaillant at Willow Poetry.

Sneaky the cat, brought Paul his gloves and cap and said, “it is time to go, it’s just too cold!”

“Go where?”, asked Paul.

Sneaky standing tall said, “you don’t know? I told you before, my love is in Hawaii!”

This went on for days, in unimaginable ways.

Finally, Sneaky was found dropping round balls into Paul’s coffee.

“What are you doing?”, Paul gasped.

“I thought you liked sugar!”, Sneaky said as he ran fast.

“Oh you’re a silly cat, go take a nap.” Then Paul opened his paper and sat back, to drink his cup of joe as he read the news of woe.

He somehow fell sound asleep and the paper dropped to the floor. He dreamt of being on a surfboard riding a huge wave and his heart soared.

But Sneaky was nudging and tugging at him, saying, “get off the floor and come to the door!”

Paul felt lightheaded but managed to follow.

“What is the commotion all about!”, Paul could hear loud noises sounding like shouts.

Paul suddenly fell forward, swirling and twirling with Sneaky through a kaleidoscope portal.

Clearly he must be still asleep. Although, he was again standing upright on his two feet.

Sneaky belted, “open the door, we’re here! We’re here!!!”

Paul opened the door and couldn’t believe his eyes. He rubbed and rubbed but the scenery was clear blue skies.

“Sneaky, surfs up!! We’ve arrived!!”

And the two of them ran through the portal to catch the next wave!

27 thoughts on “Sneaky the Cat

  1. You captured a fun filled mood in your story. I love the exchange between Sneaky and Paul. Sneaky dropping round balls in Paul’s coffee (sugar)…I love this one. Thanks for the smiles. You are talented writing your stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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